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Beaver Run Homeowners: Rental Program Information

Welcome To Our Community

Welcome to the Beaver Run Family!

Congratulations on your purchase of a Beaver Run unit! We’re thrilled to have you join our community.

At Beaver Run, you’re not just acquiring a unit, you’re becoming part of a thriving hospitality business with a 40-year legacy of excellence in Breckenridge. What sets us apart is that we’re owned by our condo owners – that’s you – and led by a board of directors comprised of fellow owners. Together, we work towards your best interests.

As a Beaver Run condo owner, you’re automatically a member of the Beaver Run Homeowners Association (HOA), overseeing our shared spaces and amenities. Now, we’re extending an invitation for you to join our Beaver Run Rental Program, becoming an owner and partner in this distinct entity and business.

Unlike traditional property management companies, our primary focus is to maximize revenue for everyone – for the company owners (that’s you!), as well as for the individual unit owners (yes, you too). It’s a genuine win-win situation. No hidden fees, no surprises, just transparent collaboration.

In a nutshell, the Beaver Run Rental Program is your most reliable choice for managing, safeguarding, maintaining, and even selling your unit.

We’re excited to have you as an investor and owner in the Beaver Run Rental Program. If you have any questions or would like to discuss further, feel free to reach out to our on-site team at 1-800-288-1282 for more information or to connect with a fellow homeowner in the program.

Why Choose The Beaver Run Rental Program?

  • Additional Profits: Our program also encompasses our dining outlets and The Spa at Beaver Run, ensuring year-round profits. Additionally, Beaver Run boasts the largest conference center in Breckenridge, bringing in rentals exclusively for our managed units.
  • Higher Revenues: While you may find higher distribution percentages elsewhere, we don’t hide charges for booking, cleaning, and more. Our competitive edge, with the conference center, professional marketing, and experienced teams, leads to higher revenues.
  • Professional & Trusted Team: Our marketing, sales, and operations teams employ cutting-edge technology and tools for pricing, marketing, and advertising your unit.
  • Reserve Fund: A portion of the program’s profits contributes to the Reserve Fund, offering protection against future assessments or additional HOA costs (which non-participating unit owners may need to cover out of pocket).
  • Available 24/7, 365 Days: We’re the only rental program with on-site management, including housekeeping, security, front desk, reservations, and sales.
  • No Hidden Agendas & No Hidden Fees: We’re transparent about our fees because our owners are you, and our client is also you! Unlike other property management companies.
  • Saves You Time & Hassle: We handle the nitty-gritty – from collecting sales taxes to managing permits and maintenance projects. Our on-site teams protect your unit, ensuring it’s available on every booking channel at the highest rate. We oversee guest services from pre-arrival to post-stay, saving you time and hassle.
  • Flexibility to Use Your Unit: You have the freedom to use your unit whenever you’d like. We’ll work with you to reserve your preferred dates well in advance

We believe the Beaver Run Rental Program is the BEST choice for you, because it’s owned by you and run by your elected board of directors with a team in place that’s dedicated to driving revenue to our rental program homeowners. With the largest Conference Center in Breckenridge, Beaver Run’s Rental Program benefits from year-round business and the ability to book both leisure and group business. In addition, the Beaver Run Rental Program benefits from revenues derived from our dining outlets and The Spa at Beaver Run.

For more information about the Beaver Run Rental Program, please reach out to Homeowner Services at 1-800-288-1282 or

 We all need to work together to make Beaver Run successful.

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